Way too exhausted to type. I somehow acquired a dragon and ate all the delicious food today. Music is doing a lot for me as well haha. I got two of my posters and I managed to hurt my leg and arm out of no where. This sleep is going to be great.

Puppy power

When I woke up this morning I didn’t even think of the possibility of having a puppy see the apartment, This puppy named Hugo is TOO adorable omg. The face he makes when his run towards you is to die for. I wish I was allowed to have pets in the apartment…I would either get a small dog or a cat and I’m leaning towards the cat honestly. I feel like I am the lion among cats and they all just love and respect me. I am way too happy about all of that right now. The best part is I saw him again when I was out on a night trip in front of 7-11. One day I will get a pet and it will be the greatest pet of them all. I’ll even get a crown for it. I’m not going to lie the rest of my day doesn’t compare to that puppy, besides hanging out with my friend earlier.
Its 1am what else could I talk about…This semester I realized how important hanging out with my roommates is. Its too much fun just chilln’ having no worries etc. It really helps me get over all that shit that makes me sad. I sort of feeling like I’m evolving into a new version of Anthony and I really like it. Looking into the future the ether of endless possibilities.
side note The Weeknd is singing my mood right now. The beat to The Morning is blessing my ears. O YEA I rediscovered a song I love, Void by Konec. Its sort of dark but I really like it, I don’t know maybe I’m just a little dark.
side note 2.0 I really need to stop being lazy and get my school work going for real.

Exploring that Tokyo Jungle

Tokyo Jungle is a fantastic must have PSN game when priced at 3.75. These PlayStation Plus deals are TOO GOOD! I always wanted to buy the game but just never got to it but I’m making up for that lost time now. I’m still in the early game so I only have three animals unlocked but its still a hell of a lot of fun. My favorite animal so far is the first one, the Pomeranian. ITS TOO CUTE!!! The jump it has makes me cry for real its honestly perfect. I also love the fact that I can kill hyenas and other animals with a small ass dog. It is scary when you see a top tier animal like a gator or an elephant. The longest I’ve lasted with one character generation is 30 years. The game is pretty easy but at the same time if you are trying to complete all the challenges it can be a real rough time. O shit I almost forgot to talk about my favorite part. The game lets you find females so you can mate with them. Females have 3 different tiers; prime, average and desperate lmao! Honestly this could be related to real life most of the time. I can’t wait until I unlock a dinosaur, it will make my semester. 

Got that Tokyo Jungle

These classes get longer and longer every semester. The weird thing is I actually enjoy all my classes besides French which overall is great. This is going to be one of those posts where I could fall asleep mid sentence but I’ll try to make it short. The highlight of the day had to be buying Tokyo Jungle on PSN for 3.75! Its not even a year old and its that cheap! PlayStation Plus is fantastic. I will talk more about the grand adventure that is Tokyo Jungle soon. 

It got better

That view on top of my building

Another long day and its only been my third day of class haha. French was the usual bull shit that we always did, still waiting for him to become lazy so he cuts class on Friday again. Sociology got really interesting and my teacher is great. I might be falling in love with her since she said she loves to play her PlayStation haha I’m too easy for real. Lastly I had Law and Ethics for the first time today, I was reading what the class was about before I got to class and I almost dropped it SO HARD! It seriously looks like a hard ass 400 level class until I got there. My teacher is cool and he pretty much lets us bullshit our papers. The test should be easy and they are not cumulative so I should hopefully get that easy A. The cool thing is we have to go to two different court houses and record what we see, I hope I get some domestic dispute cases haha.  I realized after today that I only need to pick up one book so thank god I didn’t want to spend over 200 dollars again on books I never use. Besides the lame school part of my day I hung out with my friend and we had a good time. She took me to Cook Out which I haven’t had in forever so it was a BIG deal for me haha. We explored my apartment and for the first time we got access to the roof top terrace and its gorgeous. You can see a good portion of sky line and the couches are comfy. Its weird like this morning I was feeling like real shit but hanging out with a couple of friends really makes you forgot about the bad times. Its going to get to the point where I will have to cut myself off from my own problems but the question is how do I do it without making a huge deal out of it? I guess I need more time to think about it anyways I hope I can type some better posts because the last few have been shit tier. 

Live for

Well the lack of sleep is killing me and I finally finished up my homework. Junior year is really bringing the heat now. I did however practice a lot of French and I feel like I did alright I do need more help but at least I’m not clueless. The worst thing is that its 1:08 and already on the track of losing a lot of sleep. I can’t even sleep in anymore on the weekends to make up for it. I’m so hurt. O yea I’m better at Street Fighter 4 now I can beat both of my VCU friends now with a winning a ratio! All that practice pays off even if they don’t admit it. You can tell the salt is real. Lastly I’ve been listening to a lot of R&B and hip hop recently and I love it. It honestly might be better than EDM in general. The newest The Weeknd and Drake song, Live for is AMAZING!!! Also a big fan of Shabba! 

one week done

Its been over a week now and I’m back in the grove of things for the most part. Overall its been a lot more chilling but I feel like that will disappear once I really get into French which will hopefully happen tomorrow. Already having homework is a huge bummer especially when you don’t know what exactly you have to do. That will be my Sunday, I might go out and buy textbooks as well. I should also start working out since all I’ve eaten here is junk. So much fast food, I really need to get that cooking game going. Lastly I’m at the point where I might want to cut off certain people because I can’t deal with their games. 

Semester salt already

Getting back into the grove of things after the second day of class. I’m still tried but I’ll just have to go to sleep earlier. I’ve been in 4/5 classes and the one I haven’t been in yet is going to be boring. The worst thing about this is that I’m already incredibility shy so meeting other people is going to be a struggle. I also wish I didn’t have homework alright like a French worksheet. The fact that I have to relearn all of last semester during this weekend so I have a chance of passing 102 this semester is stressful. Another thing that sucked today is that I got drenched in rain twice. The first time actually made my hair better but the second shower destroyed my fro. If I didn’t have a rain jacket I would of died or at least gotten sick. I sort of wish I went out tonight at the same time I love hanging out with my roommates and friends. Yawn. 

and I already have homework

First day of class and I already got myself French 102 homework, why. The fact that I don’t even remember French makes this one paragraph assignment tough. The worst part is my professor is going to be speaking in French for the most part. I have no idea how I will do in this class. Energy is a child’s play class and I’m not sure if I want to go to it or just take it online, one more class and I will see. Lastly History of Advertising was interesting, my teacher is really something. He has a lot of personality and seems cool the only thing I really don’t like about that class is how the seats are combined with the desks and its small. Overall a good day besides the longer walk I have to do this semester and that summer heat. I hope my sociology class tomorrow will be easy so I can actually talk to people. Well I gotta go and catch up on gaming news. 

Here we go again

Well my summer is officially over now with classes starting in the morning. I’m going to miss all these late nights and waking up at 2pm. I’m pretty excited but at the same time I feel too lazy to actually start doing class work again. I’m not ready for French 102. I don’t remember a lot from 101…This class is going to be hell for me, I hope he cuts class on Fridays again. Then I have a crappy science class that everyone takes to get an A, Energy. I honestly won’t even go to it since I can most likely take it online. Lastly, I have History of Advertising. I hope it’s interesting since it is my major class haha. Overall its not going to be a crappy day but I just won’t like not being able to find my classes. I can’t wait to chill super hard after.