Work OP

I’m just tired of looking at screens right now and typing. I did the usual of watching a lot of anime but I also started to do some work today and it sucks. I never get work to do since I don’t have a real job but man 2-3 hours of work already and I am complaining. I pretty much have to enter a lot of data into a data base and its just time consuming and repetitive.The fact that I have to use two laptops for this like come on I have a hand on each one of them. I feel like I’m done working on it tonight I rather watch some videos and sleep at this point. It pretty much killed all motivation to write a decent post today on the bright side I’m one day away from my birthday and I just want my Plus so I an enjoy my Vita again. Maybe tomorrow I’ll have something to talk about. 

I can’t wait to get Plus back

This is blog is a real pain to write during the summer when there isn’t much going on. Today was another anime day where I have watched over 10 episodes of Gintama and I’ll still be watching episodes till 3. I guess that is the positive thing I can actually get all caught up with Gintama before class starts up. I’m just looking towards the future for some fun at this point the good thing is that I don’t have to look to far since my birthday is in 2 days. Its always nice to see family and get some delicious home cooked food on my birthday but of course I’m most hyped about is the gifts. I know for the most part I will be getting money which is one of the best gifts easily a top tier gift. Even better than that is getting your PlayStation Plus subscription renewed which I know is going to happen so I can FINALLY enjoy all these great games I have not played yet on my vita and PS3. I’m not sure what new games I will be getting on PS3 from it but I am excited to play SSF4: AE 2012 and actually try to get good at a fighting game. The vita has two games that I really want to play though which is Uncharted: Golden Abyss and Gravity Rush! My vita is finally going to get the love it deserves again and I could not be happier! Honestly I’m pretty simple, give me a bunch of games and I’ll be happy for a long time. The best part is the Plus subscription lasts a year so I will have it ready to go on my PS4 day one, one less thing to worry about on launch day! With Plus I will also be able to access some of my old saves that I had left up in the cloud and I can easily transfer things from my two PS3s, man this is awesome. I actually buy more Vita games since I’ll have an ever greater discount on some titles since I have Plus. This will pretty much end my gaming drought which is awesome, I hope Tomb Raider is still free but if not I’ll just borrow it from someone or do a ghetto rental from Gamestop. Lastly I hope I do something fun on my birthday like hookah with my friends, nothing flashy but something that will get out of my room if not I’ll just drown myself in video games and cake. On the real though I hope I get a huge chocolate cake with everything chocolate and for old times sake throw some Pokemon figures on it lmao. If I ever got a cake like that at this age I would cry for real that would be so awesome. Anyways its about time I got back to Gintama! 

Gintama is top tier

I didn’t think Gintama would be this good when I first started but at the 37 episode mark I am deeply in love with this anime.  Its on the level of my 3 other favorite anime which are Evangelion, FMA:Brotherhood and Steins Gate which you should all watch if you haven’t. The fact that Gintama is a comedy parody type anime and it makes my top tier anime list is a huge accomplishment. Every single episode so far has made laugh out loud many times some episodes make me laugh til I cry. This show has the perfect amount of crazy and weird characters and situations like how do you even write a show like this? There are arcs in the show but nothing really important has happened apparently episode 56 is when we get some heavy plot happening but even without a heavy intense plot the interactions between characters is priceless. It is a long running anime so that could be a huge turn off for people but if you give it a shot you could easily fall in love with the show. Besides watching a lot of Gintama I’ve been watching a lot of Trutv today. I have to say South Beach Tow is the show that world always needed but never asked for. I don’t care what i scripted and what is real its just pure entertainment and fun. I feel like every one is Miami is fucking crazy after watching so much of it haha. I really wish I invented the towing show trend like I would put that on my resume. Overall another lazy day and another day closer to my beautiful apartment at VCU.

My name was said

It happened tonight my name was said at Glory Days from the waitress who refused to say it last time. I wrote about this in one of my very early posts the story about how this girl would not say my name. You clearly remember me and for some reason she didn’t want to say it, at first I thought she forgot my name but then she said I remember it but I don’t want to say it. Anyways I won the war today she said my name without any help but I did get a little bit of sass about it. I’ll take the sass any day honestly my name was said and I can close that chapter in my life. Besides that I had a great dinner with my friend and we learned more about the new magic set Theros today. It will be based off of gods, monsters and warriors. A lot of greek tribes like minotaurand gorgons and a huge focus on legendary creatures. It will be the enchantment block as well. Overall I am really excited about all of this info! We even got to see some of the cards as well like Sun titan and the world eater hydra. Has all the info on the set known so far. Anyways its sleep time I ate a huge slice of cake after my cheese fries! 

Enjoying the world of snapchat


Almost totally forgot to write one of these tonight. I just got a new phone and I’ve been messing around with it today and I really like it. I finally made a snapchat, vine and instagram and I believe my name for each one of those is hikeranthony so go and follow/friend me on them especially snapchat! I feel like a baby for not having a snapchat for this long but man I am addicted to this shit haha. Besides that I didn’t do anything else today. I read on reddit today that tomorrow at comic con wizards of the coast will talk about new set of magic cards so I am pretty hype! Anyways I feel really tired so I’m just going to snapchat the rest of the night away. hikeranthony add that shit yo 

Tired and alive

8am was too early for me this morning since I couldn’t sleep last night. I can’t sleep on command and if something is early in the morning might be afraid that I will oversleep and miss my chance to do whatever I wanted to do so I usually just say up. The trip wasn’t that bad since I got a brand new VCU jacket but it was hot as hell outside. Within 2 minutes I was drenched in sweat and my fro was looking sad. I wish I could of stayed longer so I could of saw some of my friends but its alright me going to Richmond today was just an exclusive first look at the hype train. After that I powered nap and I just watched YouTube vids. The latest episode in the Two Best Friends Play Deadly Premonition made me die of laughter so many times. If you actually like watching lets plays you need to go to this channel and enjoy the glory of Pat and Matt and sometimes Wolly.
I keep going back and forth on what I want to do for my next magic deck and I think I should do a Naya enchantment heavy deck. I feel like the combo of hexproof creatures and enchantments would be awesome. Enchantments like madcap skills, lighting talons, unflinching courage and ethereal armor would work really well. I wish rancor wasn’t leaving with M13 but we might see something just as good in Theros! I honestly just want to run 4 witchstalkers in this deck and maybe those hexproof elf scouts and give people a hard time unless they got some board wipes. 
Besides that I started listening to the latest album from Empire of the Sun called Ice on the Dune. My favorite song so far is alive it just makes me feel so good and I get really hyped to do stuff with my life. I’ll proboly listen to this album at least once everyday maybe right after I listen to Intense by Armin for the 2nd or 3rd time haha. I still can’t believe Armin is going to Echostage and I’m going to be there! This is a dream come true, this whole year has just been an amazing dream. 

8am is too soon

Besides today feeling like it was over 100 degrees I would say today has been alright. I chilled with some friends, played magic and discussed anime. I did make a crappy sliver deck out of the M14 cards I pulled and it won a game which I’m surprised about. I just wished it didn’t need shocklands or more like I wish shocklands didn’t exist so I could have an easier time making a tournament ready deck. On amazon they are like 10 bucks and I’m just not at the point where I am willing to spend 10 bucks for a single card and of course I have to get 4 of them so in all reality 40 bucks. I really do want to run a naya sliver deck and just a regular naya deck but right now mono colored looks good to me. Apparently in the new block mono colored decks will be better so I hope that is true because I really want to make a classic mono green deck. Magic is something I still want to have fun with so I don’t want to become a total asshole with it and just buy all the the best cards and spend tons of cash so mono colored sounds good for me. Unfortunately I’m an asshole about video games lmao If I don’t respect your knowledge on video games then just don’t argue about gaming with me because I will not see your point of view. Thankfully I have a decent amount of friends who I can talk to about games and actually enjoy their thoughts and opinions. 

The only thing that sucks is I have to wake up at 8am tomorrow to go to my old apartment and pack up the rest of my stuff. A total of about 4 hour ride to and from so I’ll get some solid sleep from that but it won’t be in a comfy bed. The awesome thing about this is I’m 29 days away from moving into my brand new apartment with my friends! One of my friends wants me to make an anime list for us to watch and he wants to watch me play through all the Metal Gear Solid games! I can not wait the hype is too much. i’m more excited for this than my birthday which I sort of don’t care about anymore but maybe that is because I’m getting older. I do hope I get to do something fun for that day instead of being trapped inside with family. At least go to a hookah bar and enjoy each others company. Well its time to sleep *sigh* 8am is too close.