My name was said

It happened tonight my name was said at Glory Days from the waitress who refused to say it last time. I wrote about this in one of my very early posts the story about how this girl would not say my name. You clearly remember me and for some reason she didn’t want to say it, at first I thought she forgot my name but then she said I remember it but I don’t want to say it. Anyways I won the war today she said my name without any help but I did get a little bit of sass about it. I’ll take the sass any day honestly my name was said and I can close that chapter in my life. Besides that I had a great dinner with my friend and we learned more about the new magic set Theros today. It will be based off of gods, monsters and warriors. A lot of greek tribes like minotaurand gorgons and a huge focus on legendary creatures. It will be the enchantment block as well. Overall I am really excited about all of this info! We even got to see some of the cards as well like Sun titan and the world eater hydra. Has all the info on the set known so far. Anyways its sleep time I ate a huge slice of cake after my cheese fries! 

Enjoying the world of snapchat


Almost totally forgot to write one of these tonight. I just got a new phone and I’ve been messing around with it today and I really like it. I finally made a snapchat, vine and instagram and I believe my name for each one of those is hikeranthony so go and follow/friend me on them especially snapchat! I feel like a baby for not having a snapchat for this long but man I am addicted to this shit haha. Besides that I didn’t do anything else today. I read on reddit today that tomorrow at comic con wizards of the coast will talk about new set of magic cards so I am pretty hype! Anyways I feel really tired so I’m just going to snapchat the rest of the night away. hikeranthony add that shit yo 

Tired and alive

8am was too early for me this morning since I couldn’t sleep last night. I can’t sleep on command and if something is early in the morning might be afraid that I will oversleep and miss my chance to do whatever I wanted to do so I usually just say up. The trip wasn’t that bad since I got a brand new VCU jacket but it was hot as hell outside. Within 2 minutes I was drenched in sweat and my fro was looking sad. I wish I could of stayed longer so I could of saw some of my friends but its alright me going to Richmond today was just an exclusive first look at the hype train. After that I powered nap and I just watched YouTube vids. The latest episode in the Two Best Friends Play Deadly Premonition made me die of laughter so many times. If you actually like watching lets plays you need to go to this channel and enjoy the glory of Pat and Matt and sometimes Wolly.
I keep going back and forth on what I want to do for my next magic deck and I think I should do a Naya enchantment heavy deck. I feel like the combo of hexproof creatures and enchantments would be awesome. Enchantments like madcap skills, lighting talons, unflinching courage and ethereal armor would work really well. I wish rancor wasn’t leaving with M13 but we might see something just as good in Theros! I honestly just want to run 4 witchstalkers in this deck and maybe those hexproof elf scouts and give people a hard time unless they got some board wipes. 
Besides that I started listening to the latest album from Empire of the Sun called Ice on the Dune. My favorite song so far is alive it just makes me feel so good and I get really hyped to do stuff with my life. I’ll proboly listen to this album at least once everyday maybe right after I listen to Intense by Armin for the 2nd or 3rd time haha. I still can’t believe Armin is going to Echostage and I’m going to be there! This is a dream come true, this whole year has just been an amazing dream. 

8am is too soon

Besides today feeling like it was over 100 degrees I would say today has been alright. I chilled with some friends, played magic and discussed anime. I did make a crappy sliver deck out of the M14 cards I pulled and it won a game which I’m surprised about. I just wished it didn’t need shocklands or more like I wish shocklands didn’t exist so I could have an easier time making a tournament ready deck. On amazon they are like 10 bucks and I’m just not at the point where I am willing to spend 10 bucks for a single card and of course I have to get 4 of them so in all reality 40 bucks. I really do want to run a naya sliver deck and just a regular naya deck but right now mono colored looks good to me. Apparently in the new block mono colored decks will be better so I hope that is true because I really want to make a classic mono green deck. Magic is something I still want to have fun with so I don’t want to become a total asshole with it and just buy all the the best cards and spend tons of cash so mono colored sounds good for me. Unfortunately I’m an asshole about video games lmao If I don’t respect your knowledge on video games then just don’t argue about gaming with me because I will not see your point of view. Thankfully I have a decent amount of friends who I can talk to about games and actually enjoy their thoughts and opinions. 

The only thing that sucks is I have to wake up at 8am tomorrow to go to my old apartment and pack up the rest of my stuff. A total of about 4 hour ride to and from so I’ll get some solid sleep from that but it won’t be in a comfy bed. The awesome thing about this is I’m 29 days away from moving into my brand new apartment with my friends! One of my friends wants me to make an anime list for us to watch and he wants to watch me play through all the Metal Gear Solid games! I can not wait the hype is too much. i’m more excited for this than my birthday which I sort of don’t care about anymore but maybe that is because I’m getting older. I do hope I get to do something fun for that day instead of being trapped inside with family. At least go to a hookah bar and enjoy each others company. Well its time to sleep *sigh* 8am is too close. 

Some future thinking

These days are more of the same and I truly enjoy that I don’t have a care in the world. Since I have nothing to do I started a new anime today called Danganronpa and its about 15 high schoolers trapped in a high school but the principle and they are forced to play a game where you have to each other in order to escape. I’m a huge fan of these kill and survivor type shows but this show just has some issues like the characters seem 1 dimensional and I’m not a big fan of most of the character design. I will still watch it though and I am only judging this off the first two episodes that are out. I hope it is better than Mirra Kikki which I loved but it wasn’t perfect so maybe just maybe this will better, actually no it can’t BECAUSE all the blood in the show is fucking pink. WHY?! You can tell it is blood but instead of red they used pink like they are some sort of alien bullshit like come on I’m 19 years old and I don’t even get red blood?! SMH. After that I decided to start up Gintama which is a comedy anime that takes place in the Edo period in Japan but instead aliens came and took over Japan so they have a lot of modern and futuristic stuff but the main character is still a samurai. Gin and his friends do a lot of odd jobs for money since they are very poor and after watching two episodes I can say I will love watching all 275 episodes before summer is over. I haven’t seen a good comedy anime so I could see myself marathoning this for the rest of summer. 
I also finally watched podcast Beyond 300! It is honestly the best video game podcast on the internet Greg, Colin and Andrew make a perfect team and I just love listening to their stories and opinions, I can honestly say listening to them is like hanging out with them in real life like friends. I HAVE TO fly out to San Fran for Beyond 400 so I can meet them and get a lot of cool free stuff! Then getting to party with them afterwords omg that is dream of mine. I wish I could have a podcast with guys like them. I still can’t believe the president of PlayStation came out and met with all the Beyond fans that is how all corporation heads should be like. I still can’t believe Greg and Colin are going to buy a fan a PS4 day one, if I won that I would be in TEARS! 
hmmmmmmmmmmmmm talking about all these games made me really think about my degree and what I want to do after college. I am a strategic advertising major but I really want to work in the game industry since I have the passion of a 1000 burning suns for gaming. I feel like I want to advertise for PlayStation games but not just the big triple A titles but those smaller indie titles that really need that advertising help so they can make their money back. Hell I would advertise for Vita and make the world realize that it has a bunch of amazing games and is totally worth buying! My issue is I have no idea how I will get there but if I try hard enough it could happen a guy with a strategic advertising degree enter into the gaming industry and fulfill his dreams. I guess I should just hit up PlayStation every day about how I could do that hahaha


200th post

Post number 200. Wow. I really have been doing this for a while haven’t I? I can’t believe its already July looking back on these posts, time really flies when you are enjoying life. I’m tempted to go back and read some of earlier entries but at the same time I don’t want to see how crappy my posts where, I’ll just cringe a lot. I’ll still surprised how I get all these followers and likes, the fact that people read these blow me away. I will never forget the day I got 142 views in one day honestly I don’t think anything I ever wrote would get 142 views from a bunch of internet strangers. I know I said this a couple of post ago but yea really thank you for reading this blog!
I wish I had more interesting things to talk about but the summer is usually a drought for me to talk about games and other stuff. Pretty much I just chill all day like a lazy dog. I did actually hang out with my friends and I got to trade with my friend who went to the Magic 14 prerelease with me and I convinced him to trade me all of the slivers I wanted which was quite a bit and more importantly I got THE CARD I WANTED!!!!!!!! FIENDSLAYER PALADIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That card is fucking beautiful and epic in every single possible way, I wish I had 4 of those and 4 witchstalkers and just have a total red/white/blue/black hate fest on the field. I also have a mindsparker for even more hate in my naya deck. My other friend hit me up today and is going to try to hook me up with some shocklands!!! If i get any of the red/green/white combo ones I will cry, you can’t win tourneys without them. Besides that I was also thinking about making a tumblr which some of my friends frown upon but it could be really fun I just hope it doesn’t distract me from this blog. Signing out into the big blue yonder.  

Laying in bed watching that EVO

Its been a long weekend so I just slept in for most of the day and watched the EVO finals which I am still currently watching. I don’t play fighting games because I am total garbage at them but watching them at a pro level on the grand stage is so hype. Even the games I don’t care about like King of Fighters or Melee give me this incredible sense of excitement. Currently I am watching Street Fighter which is the top tier fighter at EVO but to me the best fighter to watch has to be Marvel 3 because so much shit is happening and its just flashy haha. I wish I could be this good at a game like these guys are, getting paid to play these games on the highest level has to be such a fun job. I hope Killzone some how makes MLG and then I will have a chance at being a pro haha. The only other thing I did today was count up the worth of like 15 of my cards I got yesterday and I have total 50 bucks worth in a good cards so I made my money back but honestly I don’t plan on selling most of them, I will sell both of my shitty Darksteel Forge. After talking to my friend today I have decided to work on a green/white/red deck so Naya deck. I’m still going to make a 5 colored sliver deck but I also want a deck that can win standard limited tourneys and I feel like Naya is perfect for me since I dislike black and hate using blue. If I could get the hook up on 4 Boros Reckoner that would be great. O yea I guess its 10 days till my birthday now, hopefully I’ll get a good amount of birthday money and a year of PlayStation Plus!   

My Magic 14 prerelease experience.

Why did I get two of these and why does it cost 9 mana, I better get a artifact deck in the next set!

Instead of doing just one event my friends convinced me to do another prerelease right after so I played Magic the Gathering for 9 hours straight and I do not regret it. I was really nervous walking into the event since I don’t know most of the people there and I haven’t played sealed in 2 years and I got some amazing cards last time so I wasn’t sure how well I can make a deck. I get my first six packs and the first pack I open has a foiled bonescythe sliver!!!!!!!! It is my favorite sliver card and its fucking foiled so I ran green/white slivers. I had a total of 7 of them with 2 of them being the steelform slivers, 2 manawerth, 1 predator sliver and the artifact sliver. I also ran a witchstalker and a bunch of buffs. I lost my first set 1-2 which was really close but my opponent used act of treason on my buffed up bonescythe sliver and I cried, losing to your own creature is just some mad disrespect haha. I lost my second set as well 1-3 because he had a jace and milled me out twice and having a 40 card deck is not good against his 0 ability where you have to discard your top 10 cards. Both of those loses were VERY close I could of easily gone 3-1 or 4-0. I just spoiled it but yea I won my last two sets and the 3rd set was against my friend and I dominated him like too much destruction. The last set I kept on ramping right and I got a crucial plummet to secure me a 2-0 and so I won a pack. In the pack I won I got the WORST mythic in the set Darksteel Forge like COME ON T.T The second event I was so garbage I didn’t get any bombs and not much removal. I played blue/black and I honestly hate blue and that was the main color. I did not have a good time I either put up a fight and lost or I just got dominated. I had a bunch of fliers but nothing really low cost and my rares were not that good and no doom blades T.T I did sort of get a win since I got a bye so…..I went 1-3 haha overall a great night. I made many friends and I really love the Magic community they are great people who are really nice and helpful and just want you to have a good time.I feel like I will do more of these maybe not in NOVA but when I go back to VCU I can see myself going either other weekend to the card shop to draft some packs and make more friends! Slivers for life and I might actually not make a green white deck but whatever I decide to do to involve these witchstalkers. 

Rambling thoughts.

I realized how hype this weekend is so I have my Magic 14 prerelease sealed event tomorrow, Beyond 300 happened today(still need to watch), EVO 2013 began today and Pacific Rim came out in theaters today as well. I will be watching EVO all weekend because fighting games are the most fun to watch and tomorrow I will find some time to watch Beyond 300. Pacific Rim might happen on Sunday depending on how free my friends are. I haven’t had a hype Friday night in a while but I changed that tonight and hung out with some friends and one of my friend’s crew at hookah bar then had that crucial Taco Bell and then went to this guy’s house and just chilled the night away. It is 4am and I am feeling great but with feeling great comes with some deep thinking. I know how great next semester is going to be with all my bros and all the fun we are going to have but of course I have to think about the thing that always hurts my life, women. I can say whatever I want but I know for a fact I will make some attempts on someone next semester whoever that will be and knowing the track record it might not go that well. haha I’m so down on myself about this topic but its hard to not look at track records. Maybe my issue is I care so much about wanting to be with someone and I should just let it happen one day but its like its hard not try when you see a chance. Another reason could be I just suck at trying and I’m not aggressive enough so half the time I have no idea what I am doing or maybe I just try for someone who I share no common interests. As guy who loves video games, anime and other nerd stuff it might be hard to find someone with some of those interests I mean I like sports and other random things but at the end of the day I consider myself a gamer who pretty much knows everything about games. Shy, timid, awkward I’m all of those when a girl is involved haha I am totally great and out going when I’m with people I feel comfortable with but when I’m not I just like to lay back chill and watch the action. This has been my year though so I never know what could happen maybe things will change for the better but even if they don’t I still have my friends and all the good times that will bring plus a PS4 haha. I guess this what happens when I drink about while writing a post I just feel all these random things that I wouldn’t naturally talk about in my blog. I also feel like I should do more with my life since all I do is game and watch anime but its not like I just game I pretty much constantly look up news and talk to people about the industry but at the same time I have nothing to show for with it besides the knowledge I have gained. I created this blog for that reason to have something to show for in my life and it works but it might not be enough. I wish I had that go to talent and I could just do that and be awesome at it or find something random and just get good at it but I’m just really lazy or it doesn’t interests me  Maybe I just want to say I am the best at something and draw people’s attention with it, I really I can at least be really good with my advertising major because I think that is pretty cool to have the ability to sell things to people. I have a feeling a lot of people think like me like what am I good at, what am I here to do and succeed at. The true answer but also the lame answer is I am the best at being Anthony and I enjoy who/what I am. If life handed you these answers would life still be as enjoyable though? Is the fun part the journey and the goal is just the reason to start this grand adventure? I wish I had that scene where I really fitted in like I love the rave scene but it can be too much for me and I’m not that big into competitive gaming honestly maybe I should be a video game analyst since its what I do all the time or just work for PlayStation and find people with the same passion that I have. I’m not going to lie I suck at a lot of things on this journey of life but I figure it will all add up to something that I will be happy with. Honestly maybe I should not worry about girls and all the other things I’m not good at and just focus on what I am good at and it might just be a good investment. At the end of the day I feel like I should be a creator of some sort I want the things I think about to somehow enter real life and have an impression on the people who witness my thoughts. I am tired and I feel like I should get some sleep before my mind wonders into something not very pleasant. I do have to say before I go I really do appreciate every single one of you people who read this blog especially all 74 of my followers like you guys actually care about what I have to say and that really means a lot to me before this blog I never thought the things that were in my head mattered to people but you guys proved me wrong. If I could meet you people in real life I would and I would like to know what is ______’s mind. 🙂
One last thing, everyone should go listen to Pretty Lights latest album A Color Map of the Sun!

Enjoying Hotline Miami

Today marks the first day of the Steam summer sale and everything is so damn cheap. I didn’t buy anything from the sale today since nothing really interested me or I already owned it but I did get Hotline Miami today. This is the first time I have ever played it and I heard a lot of good things about it especially how great the soundtrack is. While writing this post I am listening to the soundtrack right now and it really gets that 90s Miami vibe down. I have to say this game is pretty damn hard since you die if you get hit and enemies are really accurate with their gun shots so you have to be quick and smart when you take out a group of enemies. I completed the first 8 chapters today and I feel like I have a solid grasp of the game now. The game is also about getting the highest score you can in a level by getting combo kills and using different weapons and how quick you are. I usually get Cs but I did get an A on one level so I’m not terrible haha. This game does have boss fights which is quite interesting and they usually require you to dodge a lot and wait until you have an opening so you can attack. I really like the story even though I am confused what is happening which I’m pretty sure I should be either way the story is really making me want to complete this faster, so many questions. My favorite thing about the game has to be the art style and how gruesome it can be. It has that 90s Miami look to it with all the colors and environments.  The only issue I have with it is I can’t play it for very long so the bright colors and how the screen moves once you completed an area really hurt my eyes. I’ll probably beat this game soon since I have nothing else to do. I also completed the Firefly route on The Last of Us online so I got that gold trophy, I’m working on the Hunter route now. I still haven’t choose an anime to watch yet I might rewatch Stein’s Gate again with my friend but as of now its either Gintama or something else. I wish Gintama wasn’t over 200 episodes and had 3 different season ugh, so much time. M|O|O|N – Hydrogen