The salt is real

so much salt

Today my friends and I had a salt mine’s worth of salt. I know for a fact I was fucking done with the game at 12 after I got beat 25 times in a row. Holy shit did I suck at this game like I can’t react to jumps or pull off my inputs. If I could pull off a shroyuken in a situation I should I would be so happy, the day I get that shit down I will cry for hours. I switched from Ken to Ryu which isn’t that big of a change but its still different enough where I’m struggling to do basic combos. The reason why I switched is because I saw this vid of this guy talking about how to play SF4 when you are first starting off. He said to play Ryu until you have the fundamentals down. He even went online with Ryu against someone who was high up in the ladder and won by only using the fundamentals. I feel like I have most of the fundamentals down but I need to work on blocking and when/when I shouldn’t jump in. After that I will have to master the shoryuken in actual matches. I do feel like I’m getting better especially after today’s long sesh. Tomorrow more training will happen. 

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