These games are so hard.

I spent most of the day playing XCOM and the other part of my day playing Street Fighter 4 with my friends. I suck at both a lot but a lot more at Street Fighter. My issue with XCOM is that it got hard out of no where and I wasn’t prepare for such tough enemies. MY equipment needs to be upgraded but I just don’t have the time to prep for that. I really am stuck in XCOM maybe I will figure something out tomorrow. Street Fighter on the other hand is just frustrating for me. I can not do my inputs correctly I just either do a different accidentally or I give up entirely on the move. I really am going to look at other characters besides Ken because I don’t think he is that perfect fit for me. I also have to learn how to block like I’m too aggressive and I do a lot of random bullshit that doesn’t make sense. Sometimes I can do 3-4 hit combos and look cool but that doesn’t last long. I want to get good enough so I can beat my friend at VCU so I have 17 days left before I go back. 17 more days of training hopefully I will find my character. Its honestly feels weird to suck at games when I’m usually pretty good at them.

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