Crash, XCOM and a little bit of Ken

July 28th 2013 is a day I will always remember because I finally beat Crash Bandicoot today. Its been 15 years, 15 years of failing at this game even the team work of my dad and I back in the day couldn’t best Crash Bandicoot. I spent hours and hours dying today but in the end it was totally worth it. This game has a lot of bullshit platforming in it but at least the last boss fight wasn’t hard. 
After that I went back to the training room in Street Fighter 4 with Ken. I didn’t feel like switching up characters today so I just decided to work on my inputs and this one medium kick into throw combo for an hour, With the confidence I gained from the training sesh I went into arcade mode and got shit on by Yun lmao. That skate boarding chocolate milk drinking fuck is so god damn fast, I can’t do shit. I just rage quit from that and decided to play another game. 
The game I started playing is XCOM: Enemy Unknown which I got free from PlayStation Plus. Its a SRPG about fighting aliens who invade the earth and its pretty awesome. I thought I hated all SRPGs but XCOM proved me wrong and gave me hope for this genre. My biggest issue with SRPGs is that things just don’t make sense because nothing is explained well enough or its just too hard for someone new to the genre. XCOM does a great thing and holds your hand for an hour and after that hour it slowly releases its grip on you. Another thing that got me to like it is that its an easy thing for me to understand. You can shoot aliens you can see, pretty much no bullshit and weird things you have to learn. Upgrading your base and doing research and buying other things are also really easy to understand even though it looks confusing for the first hour. I also love the fact that you can fully customize your soldiers in every possible way so you can get this real connection with them. I haven’t lost anyone important yet thankfully but when I do I’ll be pissed and I might throw my controller haha. I’m about a month into the game so still early on. I have a feeling this game gets stupidly hard later on when more alien types come into play. XCOM is my main game as of now so move aside Street Fighter and Gravity Rush I got some E.T. niggas to hunt. 

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