The salt is real

so much salt

Today my friends and I had a salt mine’s worth of salt. I know for a fact I was fucking done with the game at 12 after I got beat 25 times in a row. Holy shit did I suck at this game like I can’t react to jumps or pull off my inputs. If I could pull off a shroyuken in a situation I should I would be so happy, the day I get that shit down I will cry for hours. I switched from Ken to Ryu which isn’t that big of a change but its still different enough where I’m struggling to do basic combos. The reason why I switched is because I saw this vid of this guy talking about how to play SF4 when you are first starting off. He said to play Ryu until you have the fundamentals down. He even went online with Ryu against someone who was high up in the ladder and won by only using the fundamentals. I feel like I have most of the fundamentals down but I need to work on blocking and when/when I shouldn’t jump in. After that I will have to master the shoryuken in actual matches. I do feel like I’m getting better especially after today’s long sesh. Tomorrow more training will happen. 

These games are so hard.

I spent most of the day playing XCOM and the other part of my day playing Street Fighter 4 with my friends. I suck at both a lot but a lot more at Street Fighter. My issue with XCOM is that it got hard out of no where and I wasn’t prepare for such tough enemies. MY equipment needs to be upgraded but I just don’t have the time to prep for that. I really am stuck in XCOM maybe I will figure something out tomorrow. Street Fighter on the other hand is just frustrating for me. I can not do my inputs correctly I just either do a different accidentally or I give up entirely on the move. I really am going to look at other characters besides Ken because I don’t think he is that perfect fit for me. I also have to learn how to block like I’m too aggressive and I do a lot of random bullshit that doesn’t make sense. Sometimes I can do 3-4 hit combos and look cool but that doesn’t last long. I want to get good enough so I can beat my friend at VCU so I have 17 days left before I go back. 17 more days of training hopefully I will find my character. Its honestly feels weird to suck at games when I’m usually pretty good at them.

Crash, XCOM and a little bit of Ken

July 28th 2013 is a day I will always remember because I finally beat Crash Bandicoot today. Its been 15 years, 15 years of failing at this game even the team work of my dad and I back in the day couldn’t best Crash Bandicoot. I spent hours and hours dying today but in the end it was totally worth it. This game has a lot of bullshit platforming in it but at least the last boss fight wasn’t hard. 
After that I went back to the training room in Street Fighter 4 with Ken. I didn’t feel like switching up characters today so I just decided to work on my inputs and this one medium kick into throw combo for an hour, With the confidence I gained from the training sesh I went into arcade mode and got shit on by Yun lmao. That skate boarding chocolate milk drinking fuck is so god damn fast, I can’t do shit. I just rage quit from that and decided to play another game. 
The game I started playing is XCOM: Enemy Unknown which I got free from PlayStation Plus. Its a SRPG about fighting aliens who invade the earth and its pretty awesome. I thought I hated all SRPGs but XCOM proved me wrong and gave me hope for this genre. My biggest issue with SRPGs is that things just don’t make sense because nothing is explained well enough or its just too hard for someone new to the genre. XCOM does a great thing and holds your hand for an hour and after that hour it slowly releases its grip on you. Another thing that got me to like it is that its an easy thing for me to understand. You can shoot aliens you can see, pretty much no bullshit and weird things you have to learn. Upgrading your base and doing research and buying other things are also really easy to understand even though it looks confusing for the first hour. I also love the fact that you can fully customize your soldiers in every possible way so you can get this real connection with them. I haven’t lost anyone important yet thankfully but when I do I’ll be pissed and I might throw my controller haha. I’m about a month into the game so still early on. I have a feeling this game gets stupidly hard later on when more alien types come into play. XCOM is my main game as of now so move aside Street Fighter and Gravity Rush I got some E.T. niggas to hunt. 

A perfect day in the world of Anthony

I wasn’t hyped for today because I didn’t think I would be doing anything but o was I wrong. My day started off a bit weird with me going shopping for some clothes. I never go shopping in stores anymore but my dad wanted to go so I went with him and I discovered the power of retail therapy. I will never question a girl who wants to go shopping to make themselves feel better because I want some really good looking pants and I feel amazing. The feeling of just looking good is honestly powerful and I have to shop more often for sure. After that I played more Crash Bandicoot and I got past that bullshit bridge which I could never beat before. Then I went even further and beat the second island which I have never done before as well. Right now I am halfway done with the last island and of course I am on an absolute bullshit bridge level again. I swear to god the boars on the bridge are like heat seeking missiles. Next time I play I will make that level my bitch and make childhood Anthony even more proud! 
Part 2 of my day begins at my friend’s house where I brought over my PS3 and SSF4 AE 2012 so he could teach me the ways of Street Fighter. A couple of other friends came back and we played for a total of 4 hours and holy shit do my fingers hurt! I started using the stick instead of the dpad and its really weird how I can do moves better but also totally worse but I guess that is because I freak out haha. I’m still playing as Ken and I did pretty well today I learned some combos and won a bunch of games, I’m proud of myself. I honestly thought I would of given up by now. Next time I play I’m going to mess around with a bunch of other characters since I don’t think Ken is my type of fighter even though I enjoy most of his moves. Of course we had to take a break in the middle of our sesh for that crucial Taco Bell run where I discovered they took away everything I love. Where is my beefy crunch burrito and all the volcano items?! I feel betrayed I should of enjoyed it more while it lasted. Lastly we started to watch Stein’s Gate which is a really great anime about time traveling. I’ve seen it before and I love it passionately so I had to get my friends to experience and so far my friend seems to really like it!
Sometimes the most random day can be the best day.

A great day to play some games

I played a lot of games today like not just 2 or 3 I played a total of 5. Since I got PlayStation Plus back I gained the ability to play a bunch of games I never played before or games that I could play before but didn’t have the time to play it. I couldn’t sleep last night idk why so I started up my first game on this epic game day which was the HD oddworld game on PS3. I don’t know anything about the series and honestly it didn’t look fun or interesting and guess what, it wasn’t haha. I played it for like an hour and I just didn’t enjoy it, the character design is just really gross and I couldn’t get in to it. The second game I played is the game that made me love PlayStation back in the day, Crash Bandicoot! Crash is such an amazing game but holy shit it was hard as fuck back in the day, I never actually beat it. Today I decided I had to beat that game by the end of summer. I managed to get to the second island and I am stuck at the part that ruined me as a kid. I never got past this stupid ass bridge level that has boars running on it and you can’t kill them. I know I will be able to complete it but it might take me hours….3rd game on the list starts my terk into the fighting game universe, SSF4 AE 2012! I am so garbage at fighting games, I just can’t win since I have no idea what I am doing. I did an hour of training in the game and I played with some friends tonight and wow this game really hurts my hands haha. I am terrible but at least I can do cool combos 15% of the time lol. I play as Ken right now since he seems simple enough to pick up and once I get good at the basics I’ll look at other characters. 4th game is Saint’s Row 3 which is another Plus title. I’m surprised I like the game since I thought I grew out of non serious games but I guess I was wrong since I really like it. Its just an amazing I give zero fucks game like I’m just throwing grandmas into cars or hitting people with a dildo bat. I’m not sure if I will keep playing since there are a bunch of other games I want to play first but it does have a spot on my list. Lastly I gave my Vita some love and played my favorite game of today, Gravity Rush. I played the demo before and I enjoyed but man the full game is even better. The story telling and atmosphere of the game feel like it came from a Miyazaki movie! Kat the main character is a really well developed character and her gravity powers make this a must have for any Vita owners. Flying around the city and just finding gem and other stuff is really enjoyable. Gravity Rush is my Vita game to play right now after that I might play Uncharted: GA then Virute’s Last Reward. I can’t believe I have so many games to play and I didn’t even get to play all of them yet! I can’t wait to start up XCOM, it looks like the SRPG that might save the genre for me. Playing all these games really do make happy and I’m glad I’m still a gamer at 20 years old. If only I could find a girl who enjoys games and other internet stuff like me! 

Thanks for all the birthday wishes!

I forgot about how much food I usually eat when its my birthday. It is my first time ever going into two food comas in a day. Overall I had a good birthday I got my PlayStation Plus subscription back so the next couple of weeks will have a lot of game time in this blog. My friends then hung out with me and we had a solid chill sesh. I’m just eating leftover burgers now while looking at my tv with the Crash pause screen on it, I finally have access to the game I first loved on PS1 tomorrow is about nostalgic and frustrating because I never beat the game before. After that I’ll play Xcom and Street Fighter and some Vita titles as well. I’m really tired so I gotta play and sleep and I want to say thankful for all the birthday wishes from everyone! 

Well I’m old now

Stairs of life or some other bullshit

Today was my last day of being 19 and more importantly being a teenager, I can’t believe I’m already 20 years old. I spent my last day of being 19 by doing 6 hours of the most boring database work ever, my fingers hurt from the all the typing. I then celebrated by watching my favorite show on TruTv; South Beach Tow. That show is fucking crack to me haha. Then I finally got to watch some Gintama and now we are here are 12:04am writing my first blog post as a 20 year old. I know I’m making this a bigger deal than what it really is but like I will never ever be a teenager ever again in my life. I’m finally leaning more towards an actual adult for the first time in my existence and I’m not sure if I like it. I’m just so use to chilling and playing my games and overall just having fun, I’m not ready for the shake up. Thankfully I won’t feel the full effect of it until I graduate from VCU but still its just weird. I do however get PlayStation Plus today so its worth it but just barely. Anyways its now time to spend my first couple of hours of being 20 by watching some more anime! 
Apparently I also share the same birthday with Rosalind Franklin, thank you Google for making this day a little bit more special.

Work OP

I’m just tired of looking at screens right now and typing. I did the usual of watching a lot of anime but I also started to do some work today and it sucks. I never get work to do since I don’t have a real job but man 2-3 hours of work already and I am complaining. I pretty much have to enter a lot of data into a data base and its just time consuming and repetitive.The fact that I have to use two laptops for this like come on I have a hand on each one of them. I feel like I’m done working on it tonight I rather watch some videos and sleep at this point. It pretty much killed all motivation to write a decent post today on the bright side I’m one day away from my birthday and I just want my Plus so I an enjoy my Vita again. Maybe tomorrow I’ll have something to talk about. 

I can’t wait to get Plus back

This is blog is a real pain to write during the summer when there isn’t much going on. Today was another anime day where I have watched over 10 episodes of Gintama and I’ll still be watching episodes till 3. I guess that is the positive thing I can actually get all caught up with Gintama before class starts up. I’m just looking towards the future for some fun at this point the good thing is that I don’t have to look to far since my birthday is in 2 days. Its always nice to see family and get some delicious home cooked food on my birthday but of course I’m most hyped about is the gifts. I know for the most part I will be getting money which is one of the best gifts easily a top tier gift. Even better than that is getting your PlayStation Plus subscription renewed which I know is going to happen so I can FINALLY enjoy all these great games I have not played yet on my vita and PS3. I’m not sure what new games I will be getting on PS3 from it but I am excited to play SSF4: AE 2012 and actually try to get good at a fighting game. The vita has two games that I really want to play though which is Uncharted: Golden Abyss and Gravity Rush! My vita is finally going to get the love it deserves again and I could not be happier! Honestly I’m pretty simple, give me a bunch of games and I’ll be happy for a long time. The best part is the Plus subscription lasts a year so I will have it ready to go on my PS4 day one, one less thing to worry about on launch day! With Plus I will also be able to access some of my old saves that I had left up in the cloud and I can easily transfer things from my two PS3s, man this is awesome. I actually buy more Vita games since I’ll have an ever greater discount on some titles since I have Plus. This will pretty much end my gaming drought which is awesome, I hope Tomb Raider is still free but if not I’ll just borrow it from someone or do a ghetto rental from Gamestop. Lastly I hope I do something fun on my birthday like hookah with my friends, nothing flashy but something that will get out of my room if not I’ll just drown myself in video games and cake. On the real though I hope I get a huge chocolate cake with everything chocolate and for old times sake throw some Pokemon figures on it lmao. If I ever got a cake like that at this age I would cry for real that would be so awesome. Anyways its about time I got back to Gintama! 

Gintama is top tier

I didn’t think Gintama would be this good when I first started but at the 37 episode mark I am deeply in love with this anime.  Its on the level of my 3 other favorite anime which are Evangelion, FMA:Brotherhood and Steins Gate which you should all watch if you haven’t. The fact that Gintama is a comedy parody type anime and it makes my top tier anime list is a huge accomplishment. Every single episode so far has made laugh out loud many times some episodes make me laugh til I cry. This show has the perfect amount of crazy and weird characters and situations like how do you even write a show like this? There are arcs in the show but nothing really important has happened apparently episode 56 is when we get some heavy plot happening but even without a heavy intense plot the interactions between characters is priceless. It is a long running anime so that could be a huge turn off for people but if you give it a shot you could easily fall in love with the show. Besides watching a lot of Gintama I’ve been watching a lot of Trutv today. I have to say South Beach Tow is the show that world always needed but never asked for. I don’t care what i scripted and what is real its just pure entertainment and fun. I feel like every one is Miami is fucking crazy after watching so much of it haha. I really wish I invented the towing show trend like I would put that on my resume. Overall another lazy day and another day closer to my beautiful apartment at VCU.