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I need 4 of these foiled.

Since my internet was out for most of the day I had to play The Last of Us on survivor and holy shit I don’t have any items to craft or ammo. This is honestly one of the hardest play throughs of a game I have ever played. Earlier in the day like 3 am I beat the second boss in Rouge Legacy and it was honestly child’s play. If you are having trouble on it use the archmage class with the spell that you launch and it comes back to you, I call it the buzz saw because I totally forgot what it is called. I beat it my second try so good luck! The 3rd part of the game is so HARD I need to grind and get a lot more gold and some new equipment it is ruthless! Besides that I won my first game of Cards Against Humanity with a total of 13 black cards against 8 other people! Yea I’m proud of my heart of the cards skill! I would honestly put this win on a trophy over my bed. O shit I also remember I beat that Borderlands 2 DLC and that ending omfg IT IS AMAZING! It really sets up Borderlands 3 and there is a special appearance from a long awaited character who you mostly forgot about but will be EXTREMELY happy when you see! 
I looked at the recent Magic 14 spoilers and I am going to make a Sliver deck but things just got changed. I thought I would just be running red/white/green BUT wizards of the coast just showed a black Sliver and a blue Sliver! I have to run 5 colors then at least 4! The blue Sliver is AMAZING!!!! The black one is alright it does give lifelink but I rather have it give out deathtouch….Have you ever seen a card that was so perfect you just needed it even though you weren’t going to use?! I FOUND MINE! This art is BEAUTIFUL!!!! I can’t believe how perfect is card is and the name of it is also amazing, Fiendslayer Paladin. I might run a mono white deck just because of it. The fact that it can’t be touched by Searing Spear or Doomblade holy shit mono white looks amazing. Combo it with Archangel Thune and you have a deadly combo. I need Magic 14 in my life!


I need 4 of these!


Rouge Legacy impressions

Everyday for me is gaming day and sometimes I see my friends and today I did both. I got to see a dear friend of mine a little bit ago and its nice to see someone you haven’t talked to in a year. I’ll chill with her more before she has to go back but yea sometimes you realize how much you missed a person once you see them again. Anyways back to gaming, I played more Borderlands 2 and I am ALMOST done I will most likely finish it once I am done writing this post.

Rouge Legacy is the latest game I bought and I love it. It is a rouge lite game for PC and you get buy it on steam for 15 dollars. Pretty much you have to defeat a total of 5 bosses to win but you have to level and get better equipment in order to beat the 4 areas. The thing is the castle you play in is randomly generated every time you play which makes it really hard. Another big thing is once you die you die you can never play as that character again but you do play as your children. Each character has three children and each child has different traits like the class they are, abilities, and other random traits. Its like a pick your poison type of thing. You can upgrade your character with equipment or their overall base stats or stats for different classes etc by using gold. The issue is whenever you go to the castle you lose all the gold you gained and you can’t save it so you have to use all the gold you have all at once and the throw away the leftover gold. Rouge Legacy is really hard in a good way! It isn’t cheap but it is a challenge and sometimes running away is the best situation. The game also has a sense of humor for example a trait could be baldness or whenever you jump you fart so a lot of goofy things like that are in this. So far I have only beaten the first boss and I died over 50 times just to beat him so prepare to die (that Dark Souls reference). In my opinion you should really buy this game! More information can be found here! 

Gaming all day

I have three games on my plate right now, The Last of Us, Borderlands 2 and the newest addition to the list Rouge Legacy. I did my usual play The Last of Us online for a couple of hours so I can get closer to my trophies which is going to be a long haul. I also have to do all the single player trophies as well so this might take all summer or I might just not care anymore we will see. Borderlands 2 DLC has kept me real busy. I feel like I am almost done with the latest DLC (Tiny Tina Assault on Dragon Keep) maybe like 2 more main missions left and a couple of side missions but yea one long sitting is all you need to beat it. I talked about my favorite reference on my last post but later on that night I found the best reference yet. There is a mission where you get to slap prince Joffery and the things he says are too much like “my mother and uncle are just really close friends.” lol I died. Earlier today my friend gave me a copy of Rouge Legacy for PC and holy shit do I love this game. It reminds me a lot like binding of issac but you level up and you play as your children whenever you die. I’ll talk more about it tomorrow when I figure out how to not crash my computer by using my Dualshock 3 as the gamepad for it. Anyways good night and you if you want to play The Last of Us online send me a friend request at burkecableguy
Sound of my life right now. 

Tiny Tina Assault on Dragon Keep impressions.

Its been a while that I played video games all day and I wasn’t bored for a moment. I spent my day playing The Last of Us online with my friends and after that I started up the latest Borderlands 2 DLC Tiny Tina Assault on Dragon Keep. I feel like I’m almost halfway done with the DLC and I’ve played it for about 3 hours now so it has pretty good length to it. I’ve played all the DLCs so far this is easily the best one yet. It has more different types of enemies than all the other DLCs combined. It hasn’t bored me for a sec and the jokes are extremely funny. This really is one of the best DLCs I have ever played, its up there with Undead Nightmare for Red Dead Redemption. My favorite thing had to be the Dark Souls side quest where you had to collect souls for this guy who is from Dark Souls and then when he comes back you have to help  get revenge on the guy who invaded his world and killed him. I honestly died from laughter. Gearbox has a real sense of humor and I really do appreciate all these references! I also want to say is that I have a gun that shoots swords which then explodes into more swords which explodes again. I fucking love Borderlands! 

That online play is too good

I tried out survivor mode in The Last of Us with my friend today and holy shit it brings back the days of COD4. It feels exactly like hardcore search and destroy in COD 4! The time when hardcore search wasn’t impossible to play and people actually tried talk to each other about winning. I’m so surprised that an epic single player game has this good of online play and its not even an FPS! Naughty Dog really deserves an award for this online experience. 
I’m about to play the new Borderlands DLC and I’m super excited. I heard the last DLC wasn’t good but this latest one is apparently better than all the others combined. I’m beat that in 2-3 sittings but I won’t do the raid boss just because I don’t have any friends who would play it. After that I might buy something on PSN or wait for the Steam summer sale to happen. 

More The Last of Us and some life

I found out last night that it is honestly impossible to win a match in The Last of Us without your friends or people with mics. Communicate is the most important thing in a 4v4 type game especially when you only get one life. I can pretty much only play it online when I have my friend with me because we make such a great team, we always watch each others backs and are overall pretty good players. If you have a mic and want to play The Last of Us online with me hit me up. PSN: burkecableguy.

I started playing survivor + today and you might wonder how I got to + on survivor already. There is a glitch you can do where you can make your new game + run on whatever difficulty you had it be on survivor so I pretty much skipped a whole play through I didn’t want to do. I might go for the platinum trophy which I haven’t done in while for most games so this really helped me out. Even though all my weapon upgrades and Joel upgrades transfer over this run is still hard as hell. No listen mode and barely any supplies. I’m on chapter 3 and I don’t really have anything I can make 1 shiv, 1 health kit and 1 Molotov. Enemies can also hear better which SUCKS since clickers will rush you if you fuck up once. I was just couching, not moving and a clicker still heard me the fuck. Also I’m not using shivs on clickers only on shiv doors since they are always worth it on this mode. This might give me some grey hairs but I will complete it!

After playing TLoU for a while I hung out with a bunch of friends and smoked some hookah. Just talking about the high schools days and random people in our past is a lot of fun. So many memories of joy, sadness and being butt hurt. I know I say NOVA is boring as shit a lot because it is most of the time but my friends really make it worth it. Days like today are days I wish I could have everyday for real just spending time and seeing how we grew up and changed holy shit it actually makes getting older so much fun. All those stories and future stories I really can’t wait to see what we will be like in 5 years or even 10. 

The Last of Us Multiplayer impressions

This blog has really been The Last of Us heavy for about a week now and I finally got to the multiplayer part today. Overall I think it is great! The things you learn in single player carry over to the online some are things like listen mode, crafting and importance of stealth. The maps take place in areas found in the game and there are two different game types. A regular team death match and a hardcore mode where you only get one life. Its 4v4 which doesn’t sound like much but it really is the perfect size for a squad based tactical shooter like this. Each side gets 20 tickets not including your first life so in order to win your side must get 24 kills. The respawns take a little bit of time but I feel like it works. I thing I love the most is that you can not call of duty this game. If you run and go gun blazing you will do so badly. You really can’t that many bullets and no regenerating health so you better make sure you have some health kits on you. The coolest thing is that you can craft items while you are playing. You can find supply drops though out the map and you can capture them for your team and you will get various items to make weapons/kits. You can also buy additional ammo for your guns and level them up through the match and even buy body armor if you have enough parts(cash). It might not be for everyone but it really is a game where the team with mics will win but thankfully I have friends who have mics. I also happen to like it a lot because I’m pretty damn good at it, my K:D is 1.39 and I’ve only lost one match out of the 15 I’ve played. Pretty much don’t sell your copy of The Last of Us until you give the online a try since its better than good!