Attack on Hype!

If you haven’t heard Attack on Titan(also know as Shingeki No Kyojin) is the hypest anime of the season and you should be watching it, and then you will be reading the manga because you will fall in love with it. I’ve been in an anime slump for a while because there isn’t anything that really interests me. My friend Matt fixed that though and introduced me to Attack on Titan and I am thankful that he did because this series is very powerful. Pretty much humans live with in these 50m wall so the titans don’t come in and eat them. Its been peaceful for 100 years but one day the titans come and preach the wall and the titans just start eating everyone. The show does a good job of making the titans an actual threat like yea most of them are stupid but they are strong and fast and many people just get eaten. The show also does a great job developing characters which makes you get attached to them and then they get eaten, it hurts a lot. The art style is very different, like its very bold idk how to describe it well. I just love the whole concept how humans are not the best powerful thing but instead the prey of titans and how fighting them is a real struggle for the whole race. If you are mildly interested watch it on crunchyroll or some other anime streaming site and trust me it is worth it. I spent all of today watching the 8 episodes of anime that are out and the 45 chapters of manga. It was totally worth it, and also I spent the day playing Soul Sacrifice which just gets better and better. If there are any other new anime from this season or last season that are good let me know and I will give them a try!


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