It feels GREAT to be home.

Today has been fantastic! I finished the last of my French work, I took all my things out of the car and I got to see the greatest people in the whole world, my close friends. These people are so awesome like whenever I go back home I appreciate them even more than the last time. They are SO FUNNY and crazy like I feel like I can truly be myself like all 200% of myself lol. The question is which one is going to be my best man at my wedding, for some reason I think about this a lot which might be really girly but this is like a crucial thing to think about. It really isn’t easy so they all might have to be my best man I guess best men at that point. We did our usual crazy stuff which is pretty hard to describe because no one thinks a normal person would do these things. Some of the normal stuff though is we played Brawl which I use to be pretty good at but now I just suck dick at lol yea I haven’t played that game in a year and wtf is a gamecube controller. Its all good because I got to slip into Joey’s organs..yea we are a bit crazy. I also played Magic the Gathering and wow my old deck isn’t bad at all but HOLY SHIT is Bryan’s deck fucking broken. If Bryan dies tomorrow he deserves it like that deck is cancer. I might actually get back into it like I want to complete my werewolf deck but I don’t want to spend money so we will see if I get a job. Also I got an interview on Friday at Safeway so hopefully this will work out because I need that cash flow. I am glad I am back home like for real though, this Summer is going to be epic.  

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