More souln’

I wish I could say I did something real interesting today but I can’t I just played my Vita all day. It sort of sucks how this week my best friend is my Vita but to be fair it does deserve a lot of my attention. I haven’t played it religiously since Persona 4 Golden and I stopped that end of January. I would say I am about half done with the game and I am two chapters away from beating story mode. There are a stupid amount of side missions though so I’ll complete about 20 of those tomorrow. The good thing that happened is that I got 2 more basic enemy types and maybe like 3 or 4 new battle areas so I am not totally bored. I faced 3 new bosses today as well and I know I have like 6 more bosses I haven’t faced yet. I haven’t played online yet since I can solo all the missions myself but I’ll try it out later on for the harder side missions. Maybe tomorrow I will actually get to see my friends since I have the urge to play some magic. 

Attack on Hype!

If you haven’t heard Attack on Titan(also know as Shingeki No Kyojin) is the hypest anime of the season and you should be watching it, and then you will be reading the manga because you will fall in love with it. I’ve been in an anime slump for a while because there isn’t anything that really interests me. My friend Matt fixed that though and introduced me to Attack on Titan and I am thankful that he did because this series is very powerful. Pretty much humans live with in these 50m wall so the titans don’t come in and eat them. Its been peaceful for 100 years but one day the titans come and preach the wall and the titans just start eating everyone. The show does a good job of making the titans an actual threat like yea most of them are stupid but they are strong and fast and many people just get eaten. The show also does a great job developing characters which makes you get attached to them and then they get eaten, it hurts a lot. The art style is very different, like its very bold idk how to describe it well. I just love the whole concept how humans are not the best powerful thing but instead the prey of titans and how fighting them is a real struggle for the whole race. If you are mildly interested watch it on crunchyroll or some other anime streaming site and trust me it is worth it. I spent all of today watching the 8 episodes of anime that are out and the 45 chapters of manga. It was totally worth it, and also I spent the day playing Soul Sacrifice which just gets better and better. If there are any other new anime from this season or last season that are good let me know and I will give them a try!

Some portable souln’

Today has been a 100% Vita day. I have been neglecting my poor Vita and I got really bored so I decided to play Soul Sacrifice which I have barely played. I would say I’m about 30% done after playing today, I think I played for 5-6 hours and I had a great time. I wish the game had more basic enemy types instead of the 4 that I know of but they do reskin them for each element so it isn’t that repetitive. The bosses are really good though, I faced 5-6 different bosses today and they are all designed really well. I have a good understanding of the different types of weapons and how to combo different enemy weaknesses together. Still trying to figure out which teammates I want for combat with me since some of them will sacrifice you when you are down which is dumb for single player. I do like how you have to care who you bring to battle and not because each other has different spells but whether they will like it or not if you save or sacrifice the boss of the level. If they don’t like it they will leave you and then you have to pay using the in game currency to bring them back. I also really like how different side missions will open up based on if you saved or sacrificed a boss. The good thing is you can go back and do the mission and again and choose the other option so you can see how the different branches of the side quest go. It might not the Vita’s killer app but it is still a great game and I wish more people had the chance to play it. On a side note, I really wish Dark Souls was on the Vita and maybe just maybe Dark Souls 2 will come to Vita. I can only hope but hell I would buy two copies of the game because that would be awesome. I also can’t wait for E3 to see if there are any huge Vita announcements because there has to be or this system is dead…and I don’t want that.

Some salt.

Before I talk about how salty I am I have to talk about how perfect season 4 of Arrested Development is. It is my favorite season of the show and I have to say after a 7 year gap the actors still got it. There are a lot less scenes where all the characters are together because a lot of the actors have other projects they are working on and its a but weird at first but you don’t miss it at the end. The first couple of episodes don’t seem good at first BUT in all reality they are amazing the issue is this season is one giant lead up to one moment and each episode is through the eyes of one characters. The things a character does might show up in another character’s episode and then you can understand the connection. The season gets better with each episode and some of my favorites were the George Michael, Buster and Maeby episodes and Gob had by far the best story line. This season leaves things unanswered but this season is a set up for the movie they are going to make and I can not wait for the day that movie comes out.

Here is the salt. Here is my biggest problem with Magic and I guess any other thing you can do this in. My issue is that at the end of the day you are as good as the cards you have which means how much money are you willing to spend before you feel like you are at the right level. Some people don’t spend as much money as others so it does give a player a disadvantage if you are not willing as much as someone else. Also some cards just cost way too much like 10 bucks for a piece of paper is stupid purchase in my world but in someone else’s it makes sense. I reached my limit in Magic where the max I would pay would be 5 bucks and even that is still too much in mind but I have friends who would pay more than that. Honestly I wish I could do that but I can’t I have things to save up for and I don’t have a job right now. Its like a free to play MMO, I would never pay money to get better equipment or change my skin. In the end it isn’t wrong but it can kill the fun for others and I’m one of those people who’s fun is being killed.  I do want to say I really am glad I have this blog because if I didn’t I totally would of smoked today. I also feel like my friends have been a bit shitty to me today so yea I’m a bit pissed at them. Thank god for sleep and music so I can be over this in the morning. 

Long day of magic and AD


Well I got no sleep last night and I got out of bed at 3 because I played the most epic game of Magic the Gathering in my playing career. My friends and I did a 1v1v1v1v1 which took almost 3 hours to complete. It came down to the wire at the end. I could of won but I had one minor mess up where I should of summoned another creature on my turn instead of saving it for the instant that got countered by Joey. I did however tie for second which is awesome since I’m not on shit tier Bryan’s level. After I tired to sleep but the shit I was holding in all night from the Taco Bell destroyed my insides and at random times during my sleep I just had to use the bathroom. It was a horrible so horrible. I then started to watch season 4 of Arrested Development and I am currently on episode 12 out of 15. The season did start off bit crappy but with ever episode that passes by it gets a lot better. This season is like a story of a couple of weeks and you learn what happened through each characters point of view. I’m not done yet but I have a feeling this will be my favorite season yet. Even more good news is that I get a free month of Netflix again so I get to watch all of this for free since I hate spending money and the torrents that are up are not really good. I hope more of my magic cards come in tomorrow! 

Sweet sweet Taco Bell

Solid day I got the Big Box from Taco Bell which has is SOOOOO filling. I might die from all this food but I won’t since I’m a little bit buff. I am so tired like wow this food coma I am experiencing is too intense. ughhhhhh. I might explode or break a toilet. I also got some of my magic cards today which surprised me since they weren’t suppose to come in until the 29th. They did make my deck better but I lost in a 2v2 but honestly Bryan made us lose so fuck that kid. He just wants to attack for no good reason so I go all in as well because it would of done a lot of damage to them, it took them down to 8. I shouldn’t have done it but this kid was like na man I wanna do my own shit, why just why. I do wish my deck was better and even with the final build I don’t think it can stand up to the combo of Donnie and Conner. Blue is just so annoying…I just want to do 1v1s since I have full control of what is going to happen and I don’t have to deal with another opponent and a teammate who doesn’t want to work together. I hate when people don’t want to work together like if we don’t we lose don’t you see that?! Yea I am a little bit hurt but yea from now on I am just going to listen to my gut feeling and make sure stupid shit doesn’t happen. Anyways I am still dying from all this food…..ugh. At least I get to experience season 4 of Arrested Development. 

1 more day.

My body is SO READY! I just finished re watching all of Arrested Development and I can not wait for season 4 tomorrow. This has to be the funniest show ever, I guess its tied with the league but Arrested Development just has that unique feel and characters that I have grown with, The thing I am most excited for is if George Michael gets with Maybe like he is so awkward so I want to see how this plays out. Also what will the plot be of this season, I guess getting their mom out of prison? May 26 is about to be hype.