Never ever will I have Midnight Breakfast again.

I wish the food I ate looked anything like this ugh…

Tuesday is here and I am so ready for all these finals. In all reality I’m sort of tired but I am WAY TOO TIRED since I couldn’t get any sleep last night. I feel asleep at 5am because my room was like 90 degrees for some reason. I had to do the double fan on high and the window wide open routine, the only issue with that is when I woke up it felt like I was in a meat locker. I am also tired from eating all this shitty breakfast food at this midnight breakfast thing at VCU, The music was shitty and the food was garbage. The bacon is paper thin and when I stabbed it with my fork it exploded. I also saw some of the those worst dancing ever to some of the shittest songs ever. I might have food poisoning and it might be so much food poisoning that I might start tripping balls haha. I’m trying to not fall asleep while typing this up and I have no idea how much longer I can last. Once it becomes Tuesday night that is when I start partying again because the amount of stress all of this French bullshit has been killing me like I have so much work to do *sigh*. There are also other things I still need to get over and I guess at this point all I can do is wait for finals to be over and never look back at what has destroyed me as a person. OMG my gut is killing me all this school food is making me sick BLEH

I nuzlocke a lot today and I am at the Elite 4 with my full team ready to go and ready to win. Matt 2.0 is a Metagross and has the move set of a king, meteor mash is op. I’m not sure when I will complete this but I will do it, trust me. 

so illllll….ugh.



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