Title says it all, I do not feel ready for the first part of my French exam tomorrow morning. I studied a good amount today and honestly I have no idea what exactly I am going to be tested on so I am freaking out a bit. After my exam I have to go to the lab and read a page in French and I am a terrible speaker so this is totally going to go well. I have to study for part two of my French exam after and study for my History and Story exams as well. I also have to write a story in French as well for my Tuesday exam AND on Tuesday I have 50 French assignments due at midnight like holy shit my French teacher is trying to kill me with all of this homework. I really want to go home and just take a step back and relax, I really need it. I am just so tired of all this school work and all this girl bullshit in my head, a trip home will hopefully fix these issues. Well I am going to go back to studying my French work, don’t let finals get to you like they are getting to me. O yea I caught a Metang today who is named Matt 2.0 since Matt is a Metagross because he only knows how to cause pain. 


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