Final stretch

One more week and then I am done with all this tiring school work. I honestly can not wait to be back home. I just keep getting more and more work this week like really *sigh*. I can’t for those lazy days in the summer were all I do is sleep. 
Update on my Cheerwine ad. I have to say that my project was so fucking good like I am SO proud of myself I almost cried. I couldn’t stop smiling and shit, the best part is I honestly thought the rest of the class would have better ads than me but I was wrong. Beyond surprised that this happened, I guess hard work really does pay off. 
I had a Pokemon sesh today and Donnie became a Beartic. He learned Icicle crash which is such a hard hitting move. I also caught Sara the Litwick because they are both gingers so it could only be her. Marc, Joanna and Donnie wrecked the 6th gym. I’m not going to lie it was pretty damn tough but Joanna hits like a truck because of moxie. Marc was great on destroying that Skarmory and I had Donnie just icicle crash the shit out of the Swanna. That Swanna almost killed Donnie but HIS WILL COULD NOT BE BROKEN!!! That CRITICAL HIT ICICLE CRASH, he calculated the shit out of that. I NEED to teach him giga impact, it would be the best way to win a match besides Matt blowing up. 
I just want it to be Thursday afternoon so I can get some awesome free time….


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