I just want Kingler to be better.

File:Ash Kingler Crabhammer EToP.png

too cool.

You know what I dislike so much about pokemon is that some of my favorite pokemon suck even though they shouldn’t. My prime example is Kingler. I love Kingler with a passions like it is a GIANT BAD ASS CRAB with one SUPER HUGE CLAW that shit destroys dreams but yet Kingler isn’t that good of a pokemon, but why? Kingler has the HIGHEST attack stat out of any water pokemon with base 130 which is fucking massive. It has pretty high base defense with base 115 and decent speed with base 75, every other stat is lacking but still BASE 130 ATTACK STAB HOLY SHIT CHOICE SCARF THAT CRAB. Its signature move is crabhammer and it has base 90 damage and 90% accuracy with increase critical hit %, that sounds great and all and I love the name of the move but the issue is base 90 attack is not good enough. It needs to be base 100 or have 100% accuracy, I rather have the latter because missing an attack is like shooting yourself in the arm, it sucks and you look like a retard. Another issue is Kingler doesn’t get to learn waterfall which it SHOULD be able to learn like come back its a fucking giant crab why can’t I jump on its back and climb a waterfall with it. IT HAS GIANT CLAWS FOR A REASON LIKE REALLY! I’m so hurt. Waterfall is base 80 damage and 100% accuracy and has a 30% to flinch. I would take that any day of crabhammer like you won’t miss your attack and you can flinch your opponent ALSO it makes Kingler so much better IN GAME! The amount times I try to use a Kingler in game and then I have to switch him out for another water type whenever I encounter a waterfall, its so DUMB. GameFreak should either make crabhammer better, make a new physical water move or let Kingler learn waterfall. Like it even has awesome abilities like sheer force and hyper cuter. They could also increase its special defense a bit but they would never do that. *sigh* The fact that Ash has a Kingler and it swagged so hard on a cloyster and as a Krabby it destroyed an Exeggutor. Kingler makes my top ten favorite pokemon and it hurts that I never get to use him in battle since he just sucks too much, I have the same feelings for beedrill and I might do one for beedrill as well. If Kingler could learn close combat that would be awesome as well but he can’t, like REALLY there needs to be a better physical water move that is base 120. Gen 6 I am looking at you to fix this PLEASE!

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Another Friday night

I watched the first two episodes of Yugioh tonight and holy fuck this show is too much right now, I’m so glad I am watching it right now. I am also officially a strategic advertising major! I’m so proud of myself like I feel like an adult after going through the whole process. I still feel like a baby though since I am 19 years old. Pretty much I had a great night tonight when I thought I wouldn’t have a time at all since most of my friends are at home. BED TIME GUYS! 

Bioshock Infinite, the game that raised the bar for all video games to come.

Today I completed Bioshock Infinite and I still am in shock, when you beat the game you will understand what I mean. Infinite is a true masterpiece like Uncharted 2, Half Life series, and my all time favorite series Metal Gear. If you haven’t bought this game then do your self a favor and pick it up right now, you will not regret it and you will come to thank me once you beat it. I would give a review of the game but its so hard to do that without spoiling things like the narrative of this game is game of the year worthy. I give this game a 10/10 for having an amazing universe, smooth versatile combat and a deep narrative that I could of only dreamed of. Elizabeth is the greatest character in a game to date because she doesn’t feel like a character but a fully well thought out person.  
Bioshock Infinite could of only been done in a video game. If it was a book or a movie it wouldn’t have the same effect. It makes me glad that video games like the connections you feel the characters and the world, and how you are part of this world and get to experience first hand could of only been done through a video game. No book or movie could of let you explore the world of Columbia in a way a video game lets you. The amount of things you get to find for yourself really gives you this sense of discovery and lets you figure out the world instead of it telling you things. This is why I believe that video games are the best medium to ever exist, they are the only way to truly experience a world, a creator’s idea. 

Bioshock Infinite is one of those games that changed how people will see and create video games from now on. Bioshock Infinite really proves that video game can be art. 

I also plan on starting my 1999 hard mode run this weekend which sounds like it will be a bitch but I need the challenge haha.


I feel like I’m almost done.

Today has been a successful day. I completed my International relations midterm today, studied for my French midterm, and I played like 5 hours of Bioshock today. I feel like I am really close to beat Bioshock so one more decent sized sit down and I should beat it. 
Not much really happen today though, I did however go to this sort of new Bakery next to my dorm for the first time. Its not that big and the selection isn’t huge but what they have is delicious. I bought a giant Oreo and giant oatmeal creme pie, I ate the creme pie and holy shit that is some good creme. Its like legit creme that says soft and sort of liquid like but not wet, I guess like a soft frosting. The creme was between two huge oatmeal raisin cookies which isn’t my favorite cookie but I still enjoyed it. I’ll try the Oreo one tomorrow but as for now I’m going to sleep since I got a midterm in the morning. 

Bioshock Infinite impressions.

All I can really say is that having two exams in the same week that Bioshock infinite comes out is really unfair. I only got to play like 2-3 hours today which is a decent amount but I wish I could of played a hell of a lot more. The game is beautiful and amazing. Combat is like a dream, the game gives you so many different options in fights like half the way is just trying to do something awesome with all the vigors and weapons, especially the sky hook. The sky hook has to be one of the greatest melee weapons of all times, just do an execution with it and you will see why. The city of Columbia is so well thought out and detailed that you could actually believe that this is a legit city. The whole city is breath taking, from the first moment you enter it and still about 6 hours in I haven’t lost the effect of a city in the sky. I love how American nationalism is a religion in Columbia like it is pretty cool but it also gets really creepy and wrong about how extreme it gets. The best part of the whole game is the girl you have to rescue, Elizabeth.Honestly she is the greatest female character in a game and also the best, well I guess I would use escort character here. She can fend for herself and she gives you health, ammo in combat and she has the ability to spawn things into the environment with her tears. More importantly when you are out of combat she will look around for money for you which makes scavenging so much easier. Last but not least and I would say the most important thing about her. Elizabeth talks to you about the situation, the environment, how she feels about things and not like the same things over and over again. She always has something new and different to say and she will go off on her own to look at things or just sit on a beach if she gets bored like damn, she is pretty much a real person. 
Hopefully I’ll beat the game this weekend but all of tomorrow I have to study for my French midterm which keeps getting pushed back so I should do well this time. 

Bioshock Infinite all night.


You know you are pumped for Bioshock Infinite when all you did leading up to the midnight release is sit in your dark room playing Peggle and blasting Midnight City. 
I can not wait for the game, after Adam Sessler’s review of it I can’t even fathom how perfect it is going to be. He compared it to Half Life and Uncharted 2, my body is not ready.

Look out for my impressions and a review soon!

I’m speechless, Donnie you make the title.

I woke up to the most peaceful noise of small bits of hail tapping on my window, I knew from that very moment that today was going to be a day to remember. 

Click on the link above and you will see my best friend Donnie do one of the single most amazing thing to ever happen in my life. He met my idol Greg Miller who works at IGN as the head PlayStation writer and the host of Podcast Beyond which is my favorite podcast of all time. Donnie got Greg Miller to make me a video and I cried, tears of joy! THE GREG MILLER MADE A VIDEO FOR ME! HE ALSO TWEETED AND RETWEETED MY TWEET!!!! I honestly cried a lot like how lucky am I to have a friend like Donnie. 

Another great thing is that it is snowing A LOT right now. I walked around campus for about 15 minutes and everything looks beautiful. I LOVE snow, its one of the best things about nature. The best part is that it is sticking and I would say that there is a pretty decent amount on the ground and it is only snowing harder and harder so maybe I won’t have class tomorrow? We will see but I have no complaints with a snow day! 
I did a bunch of French studying and I finished my Hushpuppies Ad for story and my partner and I actually thought of some solid ideas so hopefully I will get a great grade. 

M83 – Midnight City – Eric Prydz Remix My song of the day, I think I might do this a lot more now since Spotify makes posting to blogs so much easier now. 

Nervo – Reason – Original Mix OK so I had to post this song as well haha its angelic to my ears. 

http://www.popcap.com/promos/pax-east-2013 Click that to get a Free copy of Peggle, if you never heard of it which I believe a lot of people have but still get it! This game is addicting! 

I didn’t think such great things would happen to me today like really I am lucky. I’m surprised, I started off this weekend in not the best of moods and situations but I said this yesterday. A positive outlook in life is all you need and then good things will happen, today proved that and so did yesterday! All you have to do is not let shit get you because no one likes a sad depressed person but everyone loves the person having a good time! Just like yesterday it is another singing and dancing day haha I am so happy that I get to be me, I wouldn’t change it for a second! 



Nothing good comes from being sad, so lets get hype!

“The day I get to cuddle with 3 PS4s in my profile picture will be the greatest day of my life. I can not wait untill next semester.” – Me

I’m not going to lie yesterday wasn’t one of my better days as you can tell from my previous post. One of the many awesome things about me is that after one good night of sleep I can reach an incredibly high level of happiness but just being me and enjoying life.  In all reality last night didn’t suck at all it was more like something I foresaw and nothing bad came out of it, things could of gone so much worse. 
I had a fantastic day today. I woke up and got some Chic-Fil-a with my bro Isaac and had a great talk about random shit. I then watched VCU attempt to play a game of Basketball, they totally got the shit kicked out of them which sucks but hey they were supposed to get destroyed. I then played some God of War online which is still fun. I went out after that and recorded a new episode of the podcast and I have to say this episode is one of the better ones that I have been part of. i went to get some Shafer after that with Isaac and I would rate today’s Shafer day a 9/10. Pizza, corn dogs, hot dogs and some BOMB ASS QUESSDILAS yea I say quessdilas, sound so much cooler. I watched two episodes of Code Geass and we are two episodes away from the end of season 1 which I vaguely remember what happens so it will be a nice surprise for me as well as for Isaac who has never seen it before. I knocked out a bunch of French studying and then when I finished I started to sing and dance and throw out some Tae Kwon Do moves for no reason. I am still singing and vibing right now! Also I am having great facebook conversations with my friends right now about next semester and how life will be PERFECT! 
O SHIT i FORGOT I bought 7 really cool looking t-shirts today for only 75 bucks, call me the online shopping god king. 

Pretty much what I’ve been trying to say is why feel shitty? Just have fun and live every day to the fullest because you only live once HAHA YOLO JOKE but for real though no one likes a sad depressed person, just be happy and have a good time and then good things will happen to you! 


You wake up in the morning and sometimes you have an idea of what you are going to do for the night but most of the time you end up with results that you didn’t expect. It is one of those nights to be honest. Its not like I didn’t see things coming but more like I didn’t really think they would happen to me this soon or you just wish it that it would never happen and believe in that wish. Sometimes you can’t prevent it and you just got to accept it, swallow the big ass pill that people are forcing you to. It happens to the best of us, happens to others more than some but we can all agree that acceptance can be some of the worse shit ever. 
I am mad? No. Maybe I’m sad? Yea a bit. Things could be so much worse and I am glad to be where I am. Typing right now may not be the best thing to do right now but I feel like i should. I am sleepy and sleep I found happens to be the best cure to most issues that happen. Sleep it off and everything is less hurt so I plan on doing that right now. 
Honestly I have no idea what I am saying right now haha. 
Things do suck A LOT right now but you know I am alive, healthy and have people who care about me shit could a lot worse.
If things were easy and life was a fairy tale then I would be set for life, but wouldn’t that make things less interesting?

I am so proud of myself.


I can’t believe I did it. I learned enough Econ to feel like I got an A on my exam. I could honestly cry right now like I crammed so hard in the library right before the exam with a couple of people and they taught me so much, I am forever grateful to them. 
Also my bracket for March Madness is garbage since California and Harvard like REALLY GUYS HARVARD WON FUCK. Thank god VCU DESTROYED Arkon! I hope they make another Final Four run since its in Atlanta this year and my dad said he is willing to take me there if that happens! I can only pray but after tonight’s game I believe they can do it! 
I also plan on just chilling all of tomorrow because I’ve been stressed this whole week school and other life things so yea its time for my PS3 and I to chill this weekend, maybe I’ll see some friends we will see.
I’ve said this before God of War Ascension online is crack, It hasn’t left my PS3 these past 2 weeks but on Tuesday it will. BIOSHOCK INFINITE DAY!!!!