Its all about perspective and my dead fish is Calvin Harris.

This is the lesson I learned today, it is all about perspective. I thought I was having a really shitty day today well in all reality I did have a terrible start to my day but their is a certain situation that was hurting me and I pulled a 180 on it. 
This morning at 8 am, the fire nation attacked. No they didn’t but they might as well since the FIRE ALARM WENT OFF FOR THE WHOLE BUILDING. I thought I was dreaming but in reality I was not and I got super pissed. I threw on some clothes and just left, no shower or anything and my FRO IS HUGE. We had to wait outside for 30 minutes and everyone is in their night clothes. We finally get back into the building and I have a good hour of sleep I can get before I got to wake up. I couldn’t go to sleep though which made me even more pissed but I figured I go back to sleep after my French class, I get into the shower to get ready for class at like 10ish and THE GOD DAMN FIRE ALARM GOES OFF AGAIN! I’m done with VCU housing FOREVER. The amount of rage. Pretty much I didn’t take a shower today and I felt grimy BUT on the bright side my hair looked pretty damn good so I plan on washing it less. 

The thing that ruined my day is well I going to be very vague about it because even on this blog I know I can’t say everything I want to say without people finding out. Pretty much their is this situation where I was rushing into things to soon into my head and it could of only led me to disappointment. I did change my perspective on it to like well I have more time to enjoy this whole thing and I’ll have more fun with it whether things work out or not. My emotions and feelings didn’t change but my view did and from being a bit depressed I’m pretty joyful now. I’m not going to lie CHIPOTLE AKA “THE FEST OF GODS” got me feeling good vibes. 
It’s all about perspective. If you think your life sucks, think about it in a different way and maybe things will get better. It worked for me so maybe it will work for you!

Also my dead fish named Calvin who died in Middle School is ACTUALLY Calvin Harris. Just accept this because I don’t want to go over the long process of connecting the two but pretty much my fish killed himself in order for me to love music and he knew my favorite music has always been electronic. He died in order to save my life from a lack of music and he then FUSED  HIS SPIRIT ENERGY WITH CALVIN HARRIS and made him into a MUSICAL GENIUS. He then MADE MUSIC THAT I LOVE BECAUSE MY DEAD FISH TAUGHT HIM HOW TO.

Everything makes sense. 


LiveWire is sweet nectar.

I played a crap ton of Ni No Kuni today and I do have to say this, the game has amazing build up for the last boss battle which isn’t the last boss battle but at the point in the story you believe it is. The build up of Oliver is crazy. He learns the truth about his mom and what things happened in the past and I thought he would break down since he is 10 years old. He does not, he takes on the boss instead ALSO I have to say I love boss battles that have three forms like the hype keeps building and building. When I saw the last form my mouth was wide open, I could not believe the scale of the boss. I have to say this had the same amount of epic as the persona 4 golden boss fight at the end. I’m still playing the game and should be done within 20 hours so I’m pretty damn close to done. 

I also realized how noticeable I am today. People can spot anywhere because of my hair, if you don’t know what it looks like its a pretty big mess of an afro. I love it so much but its a bitch to take care of so I might get it cut but I’m not so sure anymore. I was recognized by my hair twice today from my friends which isn’t crazy but something that I found out to be pretty crazy is that my Story teacher saw my on channel 6 news this morning. Apparently there were news cameras near the commons and I happen to walk near one where she was able to recognize me by my hair. It made me feel so special haha since usually I don’t feel that good about myself, like I’m just a regular person. Which I am still but the fact that my fro is a beacon of light makes me smile. 

Do not eat Combos with Mountain Dew LiveWire YOU WILL FEEL LIKE SHIT. It felt like a chemistry experiment was going down in my stomach. I paid for it later…
LiveWire is also the best Mountain Dew by FAR! IT TASTE LIKE SKITTLES! 
It is pure sugar and happiness in an orange substance. I love it. It might be my crack. 

O yea this week is pretty much over for me, I’m sort of hyped for spring break but really I just want home cooked meals. 

Random fears of mine.

I hate heights
Open water
The dark
Things in the dark
Scary dogs
Panic attacks
I also can not do horror movies or scary video games. Slender man destroyed me. 
Girls are a different type of scary lol 
Not getting a PS4 because that would be the worst day ever
eating gross food like ham or mushrooms
If I was boring or not funny my life would be over
If I was lame
If Dunsparce suddenly became the lamest pokemon of them all. 

I died today,

A new week has came and well it hasn’t been awesome at all unlike last week which is the best week to ever exist. The reason why this week sucks is well I had a panic attack. I didn’t realize they were  a thing like I totally thought they could happen but not to me, I’ll never be that confident again. I came back from my friend’s place and I just start freaking out for no reason and I got really paranoid and started to shake and my head started to hurt, I thought I was having a heart attack at one point like I couldn’t help it even drinking water and eating weren’t doing much. The scary part was when my body just died and I was trap inside of it and I couldn’t escape. My body became a prison and I saw my life flash before my eyes through a tunnel, I almost cried but I snapped out of it. I’m still in shock from the whole situation and I might not be fine for a couple of days. A living being should not know what death feels like, its so messed up. I hope the rest of this week things get better because right now they sort of suck since I’m still in shock. The only plus is that I’ve been hanging out with my friend a lot and she is really weird in all the good ways, she is great company! 
This would happen to me after my crazy perfect week, like me dying is polar opposite of my week haha. 

Well I missed a day…

The position I was in last night. Impossible to write a blog post like that. 

Well this sucks…I broke my posting streak. I’m pretty pissed because I had this going on for like 50 days and now its ruined. I would of done one last night but I did not have the ability to type at that point and then I just forgot entirely. My plans for today include studying and a lot more studying for my French exam….Sunday is just the best day isn’t it?