It’s over 1,000…views. YES!

Title says it all, I reached over 1,000 views on my blog today all within a month. It feels that people are actually reading my blog entries and most of the people who read them aren’t even from my Facebook which is pretty awesome. I made it a whole month doing this blog and I glad I did it because this feeling of reaching this milestone is pretty rad. I want to thank everyone who has read my blog so far and whether you like it or not, as long as your reading it that is all that matters. 
Today was a day of studying again because of my French quiz tomorrow morning and I did play a good amount of Persona as well. 
Today has been awesome since I there were some trailers that were released  earlier today one being Killzone: Mercenaries for the Vita and the other being Teraway which is created by Media Molecule who made Little Big Planet.  Also Soul Sacrifice got dated for the US and that will come out in April so now I have games to buy for my Vita which makes me so happy since I wasn’t sure the next time I would play my Vita once I beat Persona 4 Golden. 

I got into a Facebook argument about Video games and Gun violence and damn was the guy I was arguing with pretty dumb.  What started it was my status,
“U.S. senator Lamar Alexander (a Tennessee Republican) set a new benchmark for insanity by claiming that games are worse than guns.
“I think video games is a bigger problem than guns, because video games affect people.”
How the hell did this guy get voted in and if anyone believes this guy then you are the issue with this country, the amount of stupidity.” 

The thing is there is no correlation between Video games and violence and this whole thing is just a bunch of politicians who don’t want gun control so they just scapegoat video games. This country needs to stop avoiding the issues about gun control and how this country needs with people who have mental issues. You can read more about video games and violence here. 

I also read this article on Gawker about how cats kills 2 billion birds a year and there was this one funny ass comment. 
“Birds are such pussies (no pun). You can FUCKING FLY, for Christ’s sake. If cats were taking out penguins that’s one thing, but you can FUCKING FLY. You sit on a telephone wire all day. If you can’t keep an eye out in your five minutes on the ground eating some old woman’s stale Wonder Bread and FLY AWAY when you see a cat, I have no sympathy. Good riddance, you winged jerkoffs.” 
I died reading that because it is 100% true haha. 

Cats are pretty cool. 2 billion birds, they are assassins.

Quizzes everywhere.


This week is the first week of the semester that I actually have to study for. I have three quizzes this week and I took one today for my Story class and I got a 7/10 on it. A 7/10 is garbage but honestly quizzes based on books are the hardest for me. I can do textbooks and study power points and notes but if I have to read a whole book that’s where things start messing up. I also have a French quiz on Thursday and a International Relations quiz on Friday so I’m going to be studying for the most part tomorrow. The French quiz is going to be a tough one so I’m going to put like 2 hours of studying into it, or until I know all the information for sure. The International Relations quiz is based on knowing where all the countries are in the world and at first I thought that would be incredibly hard but after looking at the maps for a couple of days now I’m getting the hang of it. I just hope I have plans for the weekend to reward myself for all this hard work. 

I took a break today after my Story class because I felt like I have been overworking myself. I played Persona 4 Golden today for about 3-4 hours which is totally awesome since that game is perfect. The events in the game like the school cultural festival and the band event make this game stand above all others. I’m also completing social links with people know and the satisfaction of completing someones story is fantastic. Another thing I love in this game is that you can date people in your school including your main party members, but the funny thing is that its so easy to just change who your dating on the fly. Also it seems like no one is mad at me for having three girl friends at once so…I guess I’m fine? haha 

The cycle of school continues.

Today has been a pretty good day, nothing really good or bad happen so I consider that a win in my book. I did however study for the majority of the day which isn’t something I do often. I had about 8 French assignments and most of the things on the homework we haven’t learned so I had to teach it to myself. One big thing I don’t get about my French class is how my professor doesn’t even teach of us how to say the Alphabet in French. It seems like a minor thing but we had some really stupid homework where we heard this person spell out last names but I had no idea how these letters were supposed to sound so yea I had to learn all of that. 
I also read 3 chapters in my Story book and its called hey whipple, squeeze this! and its about how to create good advertisements. I find this book to be the most interesting thing I have read in college which is a good thing since creative ad is my major. This is also the first time that I truly care about me reading each page word for word. There is this one quote I want to share since I just found it to be really interesting, it was said by Doyle Bernbach who started the creative revolution in advertising. 

“The truth isn’t the truth until people believe in yo, and they can’t believe in you if they don’t know what you’re saying, and they can’t know what you’re saying if they don’t listen to you, and they won’t listen to you if you’re not interesting , and you won’t be interesting unless you say things imaginatively, originally, freshly.” 

I also beat the 5th dungeon in Persona 4 Golden so I’m getting pretty close to the end now, I hope. I also carried two games today as Dr.Mundo so I’m better at my role as jungler. 

Also I have a new tab now called Video Game Podcasting and I would like everyone to check it out since that is where I will be uploading my weekly podcast with a couple of other guys. I have the first one uploaded for this season so go check it out and I hope you can give me some feedback on it! 

Muffins on deck.

^Her homemade muffins are perfect.

I finally got the home made muffins I wanted from my friend today, pretty much the best Sunday in a while for me. Overall today has been a great day like I wake up at 12 and I have half a Papa Johns pizza for breakfast which had bacon, Italian sausage, beef, onions and jalapenos. I then get on my YouTube subscription list and I see Two Best Friends play finish there Eternal Darkness play through and their new episode on their show  and the game is PlayStation All stars Battle Royal which I love so much but its so easy to make fun of it. After that I played some Persona 4 Golden and got half way done with the 5th dungeon. Everything was good but then things got EVEN better. 

At 4ish today my friend then came over and started to make me and my roommate muffins. YES MUFFINS. I LOVE muffins so much and she was making us a type of muffin I have never had before. Its blueberry poppy seed and lemon zest. Honestly its very kind of her to do that for us and I haven’t seen her in a while so we all caught up on life. She actually cut her self while making these muffins which is pretty sad but it was funny because my roommate and I don’t even own anything to deal with cuts so she had to suffer through it. After a while the muffins are ready to eat and holy shit were they hot. The muffins felt like lava on my top, so I waited for them to cool out for a bit. Once they cooled a bit I took my first official bite I was so happy. I’m so surprised by how much lemonade zest can change up a muffin. It was also made with tons of love and it felt like home. I guess next time my roommate and I will make her a meal or something. 

On a side note I hate ice so much. I have never done anything wrong to water and out of no where ice just forms when it gets cold. I feel like ice has it out to get people since I never done anything to ice and yet it tries to slip me which is so terrifying to me.I love snow but ice is some dangerous ass shit and I am so afraid of it. At any moment you could just be on the ass just because of one bad step. I just want Spring to get here.  

What do I do now?

After hard long day of studying all the location’s countries of the world, learning how to speak French and then recording a podcast before I have to go see my Dad today. Then I went and chilled with my friends, we had a great sesh.  I come back to sit in my chair to get ready to earn some double IP in League of Legends and the servers crash, just my luck. In the boredom I ordered some Papa Johns which sucks a lot because Pizza Hut is closed and that place has the piece pizza ever. This honestly sucks because the taste of Pizza Hut has the exact same feeling as the first time watching Toy Story for the first time as a child. It’s honesty in the top ten best feelings to ever exist. I guess I’ll just chill in my room with my friends and eat some pizza now. 

This could of been a perfect day.

Snowy days are always fun.

I love snow it really sets the mood of the day. It just has this magical effect where your having fun just because there is snow. I wished it didn’t snow on a Friday because making a 7-11 run in this weather is not happening. I’ll try to stay in this weekend or just go to my friend’s house since its only a block away but I do have a bunch of home work to do and my video game podcast to record. I also amazingly played Persona 4 Golden for about an hour, so hopefully I’ll get hooked on to it more and less attached to League. O yea I went to Chipotle today and for the first time I got sour cream in my burrito bowl and damn, was it life changing. It made all the food wetter and that’s like the one thing you want towards the end of the bowl also it makes up for the lack of meat at the end. I’m so glad that eating at Chipotle will be even better than before. Also I saw some dude fall on his ass today on the side walk by walking on some covered up ice, it was pretty funny. 

Thursday is going to be my most hated date in the semester.

On Thursday I have French, US History and then Econ. French is alright and History is long boring but somehow enjoyable and then lastly the worse class ever Econ at 7-940. My legs went numb from boredom and my professor makes the worst jokes to exist. I have no deal how I feel last also its beyond cold like 17 degrees, wtf. 

I had this idea that my friend and I created, its called weird mix. People go to parties to get fucked up and shit but there a whole another reason to go, for the party mix. Party mix is awesome but what its the same old same old with nothing new in them. Our idea is to a party mix that applies to parties to day. It would be sick like it can have Flaming Hot Cheetos and Sun Chips in them and other things. Also we can customize any flavors in the party mix so you can make it your own. Picture this you have this crazy party going and out of no where there is all of this tasty party mix around you with things that people eat nowadays, it would be pretty hip. We can also DJ peoples parties and call it the weird mix since everyone always says its time to get weird so you should actually get weird. This idea will make millions.